Eight Stunning Sights to Add to the Bucket List

To say that some places take your breath away may not quite capture how it feels to see them. There is no dearth of beautiful and awe-inspiring attractions in the world. But there are some sights that seem to defy the imagination.

Aogashima, Japan
Aogashima may still be part of Tokyo, but it stands in stark contrast to the latter’s bustling vibe. To say that this island town is remote may seem like an understatement. Its small community of residents is fairly isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life. Transportation going and coming from the town is either by ferry or helicopter. But the view is breathtaking, especially from the air where you can see the volcanic island’s double crater. Peaceful, quiet, and a stunning view of the night sky from the island are just some of the top reasons to visit this place.

Grand Canyon, USA
Grand Canyon
Its massive scale and expanse alone should provide enough fodder for stunning views. There are plenty of things to see and do. This is easily one of the destinations that find their way into many people’s must-see lists.

Keukenhof, The Netherlands
This extensive garden is planted with millions of flowers. The garden’s prized treasures look spectacular in full bloom. It is easy to think that you are seeing rivers of flowers flowing across the place’s many paths

Lake Louise, Canada
Lake Louise
Lake Louise is one of the top destinations in Banff National Park in Alberta. Its clear water provides an enchanting scene often reflecting its surrounding landscape. Set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural scenery, Lake Louise is an idyllic getaway for some relaxation or active adventures.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela
Mount Roraima
Sandstone comprises most of the surface at the top of Mt. Roraima. The mountain plateau has many little known flower and plant species. The clouds that roll in across the mountain’s peak is one of its most breathtaking sights.

Shifen Waterfall, Taiwan
Shifen Waterfall
This waterfall is tucked in the midst of a scenic view, away from the busy life of downtown Taipei. It is a fabulous sight, especially when you are looking for a scene that only nature gives.

Tianzi Mountains, China
Tianzi Mountains
Seeing Tianzi Mountains can inspire awe and wonder. It will make you ponder on what kind of magic nature does to create so much beauty. Three hundred eighty year-old rocks capped tall peaks that are every photographer’s dream. The scenes are dreamy scenes as clouds pass by along its summits. The blue sky and green vegetation and forest provide a nice backdrop to the picturesque scene.

Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan
Wisteria Flower Tunnel
The Wisteria Flower Tunnel is a whimsical place that makes you feel like you have stepped into another world — a magical one. The scents and awe-inspiring array of will make you stay there for as long as you can.

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