Going Green When Traveling

First of all, what is green travel? It’s a way of traveling that protects the locations you visit, making the places you step feet on a safe place for yourself and others. Second, green travel encourages sustainability and promotes responsible tourism.

Below are tips on how you can travel green:




It’s better to opt for train travel or any other kind of travel instead of air travel. Unless you’re too far away, then air travel should be your last option. That’s because it has the largest environmental impact. Do you want to know how huge the effect is? Let’s say you’re from New York. A flight from your place to Denver already means the carbon dioxide produced for every passenger is almost the same as what a Sports Utility Vehicle would produce in a month. So, if you have no choice but to travel by air, then at least reduce your carbon footprint through other means.

When choosing a car for rent, pick the smallest one that can accommodate you. After selecting the size, you should consider comfort, and not the other way around.

Select walking, biking, or using public transport over renting a car or hailing a cab.


In Your Hotel


Save water. Take short showers. Turn the faucet off while you’re brushing your teeth, don’t let the water run while you brush.

Save electricity. When you’re not using the air-conditioning, the lights, and other appliances, turn them off. If the natural light from the windows are enough to let you do see clearly inside the hotel, then don’t switch the lights on. You should also turn everything off before you leave the room.

Bring your own drinking cup. Use your own container instead of using the prepackaged ones, since they’re made of plastic most of the time.

Take care of the stuff in the hotel. You don’t want to call the front desk asking a handyman to come over because you broke a cabinet or a pipe. Handymen may know how to fix stuff you broke, but it’ll be embarrassing if you broke stuff that isn’t yours. Be responsible. Take good care of the things that were lent for you to use.

Learn how to keep your home and wallet green inĀ

Outside the Hotel


Purchase local products. It’s always better to buy from the locals than purchase items that have been imported. Aside from the support you can give to the local economy, and you’ll also be able to gain some local friends! However, you should never encourage irresponsible selling by purchasing products or souvenirs made from endangered plants or animals. That is not the act of a responsible traveler.

Separate trash. Always be responsible about the waste you produce or have used. And wherever you are, follow the rules on throwing your garbage whether or not someone’s looking. There’s always a designated bin for every type of waste, so make sure you do the place a favor by taking care of your trash.

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